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I was very impressed with the superb services I received at Surrey Implant Services. The Staff are efficient, friendly and professional. During the implant procedure I felt at ease knowing that I was in professional hands and the results are amazing ! Thank you Surrey Implant Services.
David RSouthwater
From the moment I attended my first consultation at Surrey Implant Services I felt confident that I was in safe hands. All staff were courteous, helpful and smiling which helped to allay any anxiety I initially had for the removal of my tooth and root to be replaced with an implant. Several appointments on over a six month period I was eventually fitted with my newly made tooth and was fully smiling again myself following such professional, caring treatment. I cannot thank all involved enough for all aspects of what was required to come to such a satisfactory outcome. Very happy to recommend the practice to anyone.’
Angela DGuildford
A big “Thank you” to all the team at Surrey Implant Services. A few years ago I had a dental extraction due to dental infection and lost one of my pre-molars and the resulting gap was obvious if I smiled. My dentist suggested a bridge or an implant. Having met others with bridges and heard of some having problems I opted for an implant, and felt I wanted the best team for the job. My dentist suggested a number of potential suppliers but being a local GP I already knew of Mr P. Johnson with his Maxillary Facial credentials and felt he would do an excellent job. I went to the first consultation with a little trepidation but was met with a very friendly team and was quickly put at ease with their professionalism. After taking a brief history of my problem and my medical history I was x-rayed to check my jaw would take an implant and a program was developed allowing time for the bone to refill my root cavity of the missing tooth. Then a tungsten implant was inserted painlessly and follow up appointments made to take moulds for making the replacement tooth. Whilst the tooth was being constructed the bone was knitting to the implanted tungsten. after a few months the stability of the implant was checked and the new tooth was “bolted” on, and,  Hey Presto – a full set of teeth, I could smile without embarrassment, and chew food – even toffees without anxiety. After a while I couldn’t tell which of the teeth was the replacement! Since then and without hesitation I have had two more teeth done. I didn’t look after my teeth when I was younger, and had about 23 fillings by the time I was 20 years old. I have had no trouble with any of my implanted teeth and am amazed how fantastic the look and work. I was very pleased too with the aftercare I received in the post operative period to ensure the implants had knitted well to the jaw bones. Excellent jobs three times running in pleasant surroundings by a friendly professional team. I have no reservations in recommending Surrey Implant Services to anyone contemplating dental implants. Best wishes, and thank you again to all the Surrey Implant Services Team.
Dr DWonersh
Following a routine inspection, my dentist identified a need to remove a wisdom tooth and adjacent molar.  I was concerned that this would jeopardise my bite, also the extraction could be difficult due to the proximity to the sinus. I decided to seek advise from Surrey Implant Services.
I have now proceeded through 2 stages of the extraction and implant process, including intermediate progress inspections. The final stages have now been booked for the impression and insertion of a tooth to the implant. The whole processes been well planned and efficient, with minimal pain and discomfort. I am confident that the outcome will be successful.
Barrie PDunsford
I have used the Surrey Implant Services on a few occasions over the last decade or so and have been entirely satisfied with their service.
From the time of my first visit for an upfront examination and  X-ray of the bone area where the implant is going to be inserted to the final follow up examination at the end of your treatment, the staff were both professional and caring.  I suffered no pain with the treatment although I was fearful that I might and this was due to their superb implant knowledge and expertise.
Marcia DBramley

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